Ciento ochenta y tres

Quisiera en frases cortas expresar tanto.
Quisiera decir y nada digo.
Quisiera al menos que me alcance la vida para tanto anhelo.


7 thoughts on “Ciento ochenta y tres

  1. Hola te dejo una invitación
    Te envío el link para que puedas descargarte gratis mi libro Monos&Humanos, dispones de dos días. Te gradezco si lo lees parcial o totalmente –son artículos- me pongas tu opinión en la web creada para al efecto, en la parte de comentarios. Te agradezco tu colaboración un saludo cordial Juan re crivello
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    Web Monos&Humanos

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  2. Hi Llave De Cristal. How do you like to be called? Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures so nice to meet you. I love all things Paranormal! Writing and Observing life! Just a simple poet. Also may I add how kind you are liking my poems Hovering! The Queue! and Sinkhole! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed PoetC


    1. Hi there, Foureyed Poet! Lately I’ve been in search of good poetry in English and, luckily, I found your work wich is quite beautiful and expressive. I hope to have the time soon to keep on reading your work because I really liked those poems that you’ve mentioned.

      Thanks for taking the time of sending some feedback. It’s nice to exchange thoughts and impressions with the people one reads.



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